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About Emily Moynes

Own up to your part and take full responsibility for your life, for this is crucial in your own self-development, self-discovery, and evolvement.

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One – on – one Sessions by Phone or Zoom
I’m not a therapist nor am I a psychologist or even a counsellor, I am not qualified to provide a ‘diagnosis’ but what I am qualified to provide is guidance,validation and unbiased no BS advice from the perspective of someone who has been there. Someone who is a survivor of narcissistic abuse and is now not only surviving but thriving!

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$20.00 per email

Email me with your concerns, troubles and questions and receive an email response within 24 hours.

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It took her years to take charge of her life and finally break the cycle once and for all. After over a decade of playing the never-ending ‘break up and makeup’ game she finally walked away from her excessively privileged life and dove full force into a life of complete uncertainty. What followed shortly after was an incessant feeling of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt . However little did she know at the time that everything she gave up would never be as valuable as everything she would ultimately gain.

Rebuilding a Kick Ass Life after two failed marriages.

  • Become aware of red flags in unhealthy relationships and learn why listening to your inner voice and intuition is so important.
  • Recognize destructive cycles and patterns so you can break them or stop them from happening in the first place.
  • Have a support system in order to conquer your fears, challenges, and adversities.
  • Own up to your part and take full responsibility for your life, for this is crucial in your own self-development, self-discovery, and evolvement.
  • Give up attachment to material possessions and self-sabotaging beliefs, for this will lead to feeling freer, lighter, and more at peace.
  • Live authentically and be true to yourself, which is the only way to feel complete, free, and empowered.
  • Change your thoughts to literally change your life.
  • Realize the power of your thoughts, for everyaction you take starts with a thought.Do not allow anyone or anything to deter you from your goals.
  • Know that you and you alone have the power to manifest your life.

Rising  Up follows  the  author’s  journey  through  self-discovery,  self-improvement,  and  self-awareness. It  is  about  inspiring,  encouraging,  and  motivating  people  to  live the  best  lives  possible.  It  reflects  on  personal  struggles,  challenges,  and  hardships  and  offers  sound  advice  for  overcoming them. If you feel stuck, in one way or another, this is the guide for you! It will help  you take charge of your life and break any destructive, counterproductive  cycle  that  is  holding you  back, so you can ultimately move on to a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

Fear is the biggest of all obstacles, very difficult to conquer. It can paralyze you and prevent you from pursuing your goals and dreams, thereby limiting your true potential. What many people don’t realize is that conquering your fears is as simple as changing your mindset. Once you realize this, your entire life can and will change. Simply being aware of negative, self-sabotaging, fear-inducing thoughts and discarding them as soon as they enter your mind is the first step in overcoming your fears.

Rising Up offers tips, life lessons, and strategies to help you overcome daily challenges, TAKE CHARGE, BREAK THE CYCLE, AND REBUILD A KICK-ASS LIFE!



Through her experience Emily learned that while she was in that affluent marriage she had everything and she had nothing.

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Emily Moura Moyne’s journey to self-discovery and forgiveness began the day she finally decided to end her extremely tumultuous marriage, one that she admittedly refers to as ‘the longest emotional roller coaster ride of her life’.
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